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Probate, Estate Planning, and Guardianship Lawyer

The attorneys at Bacarisse Law PLLC provide legal services to individuals, families and fiduciaries in estate planning, probate, guardianship, estate administration and elder law.  

Why call Bacarisse Law PLLC?


Personal service, competent representation and reasonable legal fees are hallmarks of working with the attorneys of

Bacarisse Law PLLC.  Our attorneys are experienced and compassionate and have represented numerous clients in probate, estate administration, estate planning, and guardianship matters.  We also serve clients with elder law issues and handle select cases dealing with qualification for Medicaid to fund long term care.   We are not a litigation firm, but our focus is to help families work out disagreements.  We help our clients resolve difficult issues.


Ms. Bacarisse states,  "I have empathy and compassion for those who have lost a loved one because of my own experience.  I enjoy working with my clients to provide excellent legal service during probate and I also understand the issues facing families with aging parents. It also gives me great satisfaction to know I am helping my clients prevent issues in the future by proper estate planning."   


The firm offers several fee options to meet your needs, including flat rate fees for some services and hourly fees, to be determined after consultation with the client.  The Firm also provides hospital or nursing home visits to meet with clients who are unable to travel to the office. 


Our attorneys strive to give our clients individual attention and excellent representation.



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