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Serving Your Estate and Probate needs

Bacarisse Law PLLC serves clients in both the Houston and Waco area in probate, estate planning, guardianship, elder law and related business matters.


Our attorneys are trusted legal advisors for individuals, families and fiduciaries in estate planning, probate, guardianship and elder law.


We provide sophisticated estate planning guidance to help clients protect their assets and pass assets to beneficiaries in a tax efficient manner. 


We prepare last wills and testaments and other estate planning documents for individuals who have estates subject to federal estate tax, as well as those with more modest assets.  We bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to represent clients in probate and estate matters with empathy and a caring approach, offering creative solutions while charging affordable legal fees.


The firm will assist clients to establish a guardianship for those who have adult children with special needs or who have aging parents or a family member who has become incapacitated.  The firm prepares powers of attorney and also consults with clients on various elder law issues, including Medicaid qualification.  The firm will represent you in probate matters, including all matters of estate administration.


Jana Fay Bacarisse focuses her law practice in the Houston area.  Margaret A. Wilson handles cases primarily in the Waco area.


What are the firm's fees?


The firm offers a complimentary initial consultation.  Once retained, the firm charges a flat rate for estate planning.  Probate and guardianship matters are usually charged on an hourly basis. 


Each client is treated individually and a payment arrangement will be prepared with terms that work for you.  The firm will consider alternative payment arrangements based on the individual client and their needs.  Flat rate fees are available for many clients, depending on the circumstances.  Every client signs a fee agreement, so the terms are known when representation begins.


Nursing home and hospital visits available


If you are a Senior Citizen or too ill to come to the office, please let us know if you need a hospital or nursing home visit and we will try to accommodate your needs.  There will be an additional charge for nursing home and hospital visits, depending on the circumstances.


To speak with a probate, estate planning or guardianship lawyer in the Houston area, call Bacarisse Law PLLC at 713-623-1029 or contact attorney Jana Fay Bacarisse by e-mail at jf@bacarisselaw.com.


Personal service, excellence and affordable fees are the hallmarks of working with the attorneys at Bacarisse Law PLLC.  We give all clients, both large and small, individual attention to provide personal service and competent legal representation. 


Overview: What our legal practice offers


  • Wills, trusts and estate planning with flat rate fees
  • Probate and Estate administration
  • Guardianship and special needs planning
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Medicaid planning
  • Elder Law


For a consultation with Houston probate and estate planning attorney, Jana Fay Bacarisse, call 713-623-1029 or contact by e-mail at jf@bacarisselaw.com.